Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March Madness, Take Three


I have been in serious dormancy on this blog!  I find myself so busy with school and family that I don't have time to be poetic!  Hopefully, my involvement in this year's March Madness poetry competition at will change that.  My poem using the word "harrowing" is due tomorrow.  I have it written, but I can't share it with you here.  Please visit the link above to see my poem as well as 63 others.  Take a moment to vote for your favorite poem!

To entice you, I will share with you LAST year's first round poem.  My word was anthropomorphization.  It was a crazy hard word to use in an eight line poem, but I did it.  Here it is:

Fantastic Hope

Walter Disney was a talented man with an anthropomorphization plan.
From Micky Mouse and Oswald the Rabbit, he made turing objects into humans a habit.
McQueen from Cars thought that he was greater, but he learned to be humble, like his friend 'Mater.
Lumiere and Chip Potts urged Bell, "Be our guest."  
and though Gaston was handsome, the Beast loved her best.
Disney gave objects a heart and a face.  Can he do the same for our human race?

In last year's tournament, I didn't get past the first round.  I still had a ball following the many talented poets through the entire competition.  Please consider getting involved in this creative show of poetic prowess!  

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