Saturday, May 5, 2012

Poems as Celebrations

     Happy May!  I know it is a reflection of my age, but, holy cow...this year has gone by quickly!  We are already in the season of dance recitals and communions.  As I prepare for two first communions this weekend, I encourage you all to think about poetry as a celebration.  So many events are celebrated with family and friends...baptisms, birthdays, proms, honor rolls, weddings and even deaths.  These are all perfect opportunities to put pencil to notebook and commemorate the event with a poem.
     Recently a friend and colleague of mine received the "Educator of the Year" award.  Many congratulations to Mrs. June Marsowicz!  I am moved by the knowledge that many former students nominated this teacher.  I am impressed with Mrs. Marsowicz's humbleness in receiving the award.  I was so touched by her whole story that a poem just dribbled out the other morning...

You have made many
a worker
a thinker
a kid who could tinker
a reader
a writer
 a reacher

You have been
a mother
a pusher
sometimes a gusher
but most of all
an outstanding

     I barged into June's classroom and interrupted her math instruction to read the poem.  It was an emotional treat to honor June with my little poem.  She was thrilled with the gift; her students were delighted with the distraction and donuts I delivered!  This experience propelled me to write a poem for my Goddaughter's and my neice's  First Communions...

Age of reason, State of Grace
Wearing your faith
on your face

At the table, drink some wine
Taste the bread for
the first time

Let His body start to nourish
In His love
you will flourish

With your family, celebrate
Their beliefs you

Live your life with His respect
Always looking
to connect

Bow your veiled head, say a prayer
A love for you
we all share

Wearing your faith on your face
Age of reason
State of Grace

     Congratulations,Neleah and Hannah!  I really wanted to fit the word transubstantiation in there some place, but I couldn't do it! 
     I hope you'll consider poetry as a fitting gift to remember the special happenings in your loved one's lives!


  1. I enjoyed the splendor in your words. Beautiful writing.

    Short Poems

    1. Thank you so much! I haven't been active lately on this blog, but I appreciate you checking out my work! Stay tuned for more thinking in rhyme, as soon as I find the time!