Monday, March 11, 2013

March Madness Poetry Tournament Starting soon


Stretch.....yawn.....wiggle, stretch again.  It's true, I am uncurling from my dormancy just in time for the 2013 March Madness Poetry Tournament.  In honor of the tournament, I have written a new poem.   It might be a bit of a plug for votes, but I still maintain this...Vote for your favorite poem; it doesn't have to be mine, just be sure to follow the tournament and vote, vote, vote!

Today is the day
It might sound absurd,
but today is the day
I am given my word.

It could change my life,
and I wouldn’t know it.
This mystery word
could make me a poet.

With this word and ten lines
I’ll be ready to fight
I’ll be thinking and drafting 
to make it rhyme right.

It’s up to the public
if I sink or I float
Go to
and place your first vote!

I will get my word late tonight via email.  From there, I will have 36ish hours to create, edit and finalize a new poem.  Go to on Thursday to vote!

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