Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday to you!

     Today is the official beginning of my spring vacation. While I will miss my students dearly, (Are you guys listening!?!)  I am very much looking forward to spending some quiet, unplanned time with my family and my new friends here in the blogosphere.
     For those of you who are new to this world, today is Poetry Friday.  This is the day that a guest blogger points to all things poetry.  It is quite a list; check it out at Robyn Hood Black's site.  There, you will hear about a plethora of poetry activities, including Laura Salas' work.  Laura is highlighted at The Poem Farm, where she has once again inspired my poem of the day.
     Laura describes an "ode" style poem that she wrote about the process of a book becoming a book.  This poem gives pause to ALL of the people who go into making a book: author, editor, publisher, reader.  To learn more about the process of book making, check out my favorite non-fiction site, Wonderopolis.  Laura challenges students to try their own "This is a book" style poem.  Here is my attempt:

Round and Round
By Melinda Harvey

This is the rain drop
   all liquid and wet
   that fell from the cloud
   as precipitation.

This is the run off
   that skims over the earth
   absorbing minerals and salt
   to drop elsewhere.

This is the soil
   that drinks up the wetness
   storing the ground water
   underneath in an aquifer.

This is the sun
   heating up the pond,
   lakes and oceans
   turning water to vapor.

This is the air
   filled with evaporated drops
    including transpired liquid
   from plants and trees.

This is the cloud
   that provides a cold rest
   to the water droplets
   as condensation takes over.

This is the rain drop
   all liquid and wet
   that fell from the cloud
   as precipitation.

     Clearly, we are learning about the water cycle in school right now.  Check out my Glogster about land at water to see the major concepts of this unit!  You can write this style of poem about any topic really. Many of you are just returning from vacation.  Why not pay tribute to the elements that made your vacation so memorable?  For those of you just starting vacation, reflect on what you are anticipating during your respite.  Choose a topic and give this tribute/ode style a try!    


  1. Sounds like fun. One needs a cycle topic. I'll think about it. Well done.

  2. Great post! Laura will be a guest on my blog for next Poetry Friday. Love the full-circle effect of your poem.

  3. This will be a great poem for our 3rd graders who study the water cycle!! I have found many poems and "songs" that "teach" information and kids love them. Do you know "Frog" by Mary Ann Hoberman? It is a great example of a poem that "teaches". I don't point that out until the kids are "in love" with the poem!! It is a poem that rolls off the tongue, too and kids like to say it fast!! Keep writing, Melinda. You are continuing to inspire me.