Friday, April 13, 2012

Spot the Superstitions

Stevie Wonder performing "Superstitious" on Sesame Street

     Happy Friday the 13th!  Does that seem like an oxymoron to you?  I am really not superstitious, but I have been intrigued for a long time by old wives tales and good luck charms.  For a fun list of superstitions that inspired today's poem, click on the previous link.
     Today, I will attempt a trimerick.  I learned of this form yesterday while researching trimeric.  (Do you notice the difference?)  A trimerick is a poem consisiting of three limericks.  You can learn more about this unique form here: Trimerick creator.

Spot the Superstitions
By Melinda Harvey

There once was a man named Lee
who was visited at home by a bee.
The next thing he could tell
was the ringing doorbell
that announced the appearance of me!

I said, "Lee, I am here with a tip."
You best choose a plane, train or ship.
For that spider right there,
has made one thing clear.
It means that you're taking a trip!

Lee put down his reading on Seth*
drew in a long, patient breath.
Pointed to the moth at the door
and said "Leave before
that insect there predicts YOUR death."

*Seth is the Eygyptian god pictured at the left.

     Your challenge is to spot the insect in each stanza and then to identify what event the insect causes.  Once you have done this, leave a comment below to show your knowledge.
     I purposely chose the name Lee because today is the birthday of Lee Bennett Hopkins.  Lee's newest anthology is titled "Nasty Bugs."  It was this title that inspired me to choose superstitions related to bugs of some sort.  To learn more about Lee and his new poetry book, check out Amy's tribute at The Poem Farm.
     I hope I have given you a few things to think about...superstitions, Egyptian gods and three stanza-ed limericks.  Hopefully, you found a seed idea for a new poem in there!


  1. trimerick! i knew there had to be a word for multiply-connected limericks! is three the only "long form" limerick, or are there quadericks and quintericks?

    i learn something new every poetry friday. thanks!

  2. So nice to honor Lee with your trimerick. It is also very cool to see how you were inspired by a book of poetry to write today's poem.
    Poetry ideas are everywhere and when you are in the writing mode, I think you have a better chance to see them. I am wondering what your favorite poetry form might be after your 30 poems. "Twouldn't it be loverly" if all spiders were like Charlotte. Not a nasty one, she.