Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Time to Rhyme

     I don't know how it happened, but the other day, my daughter started belting out the chorus to a could-be Broadway show tune.  She continued to refrain, "No time to rhyme." until I answered her Green Eggs and Ham style..."If I gave you a dime?  If I commit a crime?"  We went back and forth with rigor for quite some time.  I reached for my phone to record the serendipitous song, but to your good fortune, my battery was dead!  It is this experience and my appreciation for the couplet that inspire today's poem.

 No Time to Rhyme
By Melinda Harvey
Excuse me sir,
do you have the time?
The time to sit and read a rhyme?

                                                                           Don't be absurd,
                                                                           What a crime!
                                                                            I have no time, no time to rhyme.

Pardon me, ma'am,
do you have the time?
The time to chat and share a rhyme?

                                                                          Get away, now!
                                                                           You filthy slime!
                                                                           I have no time, no time to rhyme.

Hi there, teacher.
Can you spare some time?
Some time to help me write a rhyme?

                                                                         Sorry, kid, but
                                                                          this minute is prime.
                                                                          I have no time, no time to rhyme.

Mommy, it's me
if it's not too much time,
could you ride with me and sing a rhyme?

                                                                        Daughter, my love
                                                                        that would be sublime
                                                                        For you I have time, much time to rhyme.

      Before I knew it, my list of couplets grew into something quite different.  I have created another poem for two voices.  (If you missed my first poem of this type,click here.)  As for my couplets, they look like a couplet, plus an extra line.  I like to think of the last line in each stanza as a couplet squished into one line.  This project has made me realize that I don't have a lot of knowledge about poetry forms. If you are reading this and you have some knowledge to share...feel free.  If you have some couplets to share, post those as well!  Happy Poetrying!


  1. Great Job! Keep writing poems that I can use in my teaching!!!

  2. Hi Melinda,
    I think this could easily be set to music in a Broadway-ey way. I can picture you and your daughter singing to each other. I love the bit of heart in the poem AND the surprise twist at the end!! Another good one. You are inspiring me to get busy writing poems for kids from a teacher's perspective!!
    It was great to talk to you. You are very productive.

  3. I think it was a good idea for Mrs.Harvey to make a blog. I also think that she is a very talented poet.From Lauren Boyle