Saturday, April 7, 2012

Music is...

Music is the poetry of the air.  ~Richter

Music is what feelings sound like.  ~Author Unknown

Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.  ~Alphonse de Lamartine

Music is love in search of a word.  ~Sidney Lanier

You will probably think I am making this up, but yesterday as we rode around doing errands, my 8 year old and I wrote and performed a broadway style musical. The sad, recurring theme song carried the words, "no time to rhyme.". (Look for this tragedy coming to a stage near you!) Last night my kids and I just had to hear "Hallelujah" from the first Shrek movie. Thanks to our smart phone, we were able to bring it up before we reached the front door. This morning, I started my day by listening to my husband skimming through his iTunes account, adding some new favorite songs to his playlist. Even now, as we barrel down the thruway heading toward an Easter weekend with family, three voices harmonize along with the original artists on various tunes. I guess you could say that music is important to my family.
Which brings me to today's poetry style. The intravista poem was created by Avis Harley during the 2010 game of Poetry Tag. (I am posting via a mobile device today, so I can't link to this site directly, but google Poetry Tag and you will not be disappointed!) The intravista form has words arranged vertically within the poem, creating two poems in one. I have mentioned before that I love quotes. I was inspired by a variety of "Music is" quotes to write this intravista...

When I hear the MUSIC
From the days of my youth
Today IS yesterday
And I am learning about LOVE.
When he takes his hand IN mine,
I know that my SEARCH is over.
The memory OF first love
Plays like A song in my heart.
And I remember every WORD.

What makes this an intravista is the quote by Sidney Lanier running down the poem. Don't see it yet? Look for the words all in capitals. I know this is a bit mushy for some kids. I apologize, but now you know that sometimes poetry is lovey-dovey!
With Easter tomorrow, many will be inspired and renewed by Music and time with family. Be on the look out for expressions and quotes that you could use in your own intravista!

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  1. Oh Melinda, you do not disappoint. I have a poem within a poem to share and it is about fireflies, at least one part. Love your efforts and also picturing you and your family singin' on down the road!! Will send it if I can find it. Janet