Thursday, April 12, 2012

A trimeric is NOT like a limerick!

     In choosing today's form, I figured...a trimeric; it rhymes with limerick, they must be similar.  After further investigation, I realized that I couldn't be more wrong!  A trimeric is a four stanza poem with the first stanza containing four lines.  The remaining stanzas have three lines.  Each subsequent stanza begins with a line from the first stanza.  The second stanza begins with the same line as the second line in the first stanza.  The third stanza begins with the same line as the third line in the first stanza and so on.  For a more clear explanation of the trimeric, click here.  No rhyme, no humor, just deep, thoughtful   expression.  Not exactly my kind of poetry.  This is my attempt...

Good Morning
By Melinda Harvey

The bright sunshine
peeking through my window shade
stirring me awake
I start my day earlier

Peeking through my window shade
I consider the possibilities
of this new dawn

Stirring me awake
are the birds and critters
begging me to join them

I start my day earlier
each day, filling today
more full than yesterday

     One thing about this NaPoMo challenge of writing in a different form each day is it has really stretched me as a poet.  It also make me miss the playful whimsy of my sing-song rhyme-y poems.  As an aside, while googling today's form, I misspelled it as seems that there is someone out there who created a three stanza-ed limerick.  I will consider this as a viable poetry form in the near future!  I dubbed this blog "Thinking in Rhyme," but I have written very few rhyming poems.  Stay tuned, you can't hold one who thinks in rhyme to random patterns for long!  

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  1. I have never heard of this form! Thank you for teaching ME! Love your capture of the early morning and your ending. I think life should be like that.....your next days richer than the ones before....not maybe in a strict linear progression, though. Really enjoying your poetry contributions!!
    PS Where are you discovering your forms???