Thursday, April 5, 2012

I've got time!

Yikes...five days in and my resolve is wavering! I have been thinking about writing all day, but this is the first chance I have had to sit down and put my thoughts together. Today's form is inspired by a Kidlitosphere challenge called "15 Words or Less.". This is a recurring challenge hosted by poet Laura Salas. She posts a picture and then encourages writers to create a poem inspired by the picture using, you guessed it, 15 words or less. Due to a technology issue, I can't link like normal, but you can find today's picture here:

Given the 15 word limit, I considered writing a haiku, but then I happened upon the idyll form. This short form is simple and often focuses on rural and peaceful topics. The proposed picture is of a silhouette of a horse standing in a snow covered field with a sunrise in the background. An idyll seems perfect for this pic.


As the sun
Warms the frozen grass
My mind wanders
Like a wild horse.

It might be too late for you to take Laura's challenge tonight, but keep it in mind for next week. It's neat to see what you can do with only a few words!


  1. Again, Melinda, you do something neat. How did you come across idyll? I like your 15 word poem. Wish I had written it!

  2. J, you are my biggest, and only, fan! Thanks for your kind words. I keep bumping into your posts in the kidlitosphere...great place isn't it!? I am looking forward to connecting with you soon! Thanks for keeping an eye on me here!

    1. No worries, Melinda. Once the rest of the group finds you, you will be a hot link eventually. I will spread the word and suggest others check out your blog, is that ok? Be in touch.

  3. Hi Melinda! I am reading IMAGINE, and it says how good it is to let your mind wander...that is where the creativity comes in. So be that wild horse, and wander on! Lovely image! a.