Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby Bro!

     Senryu is the first cousin to the Japanese haiku. The pattern is the same 5-7-5 syllables over the course of three lines. The big difference is in topic. Where a haiku traditionally deals with a topic grounded in nature, the senryu focuses on a person, usually in a humorous way.
My little brother, Matt, turns 35 today. I thought I would "honor" him with a senryu poem in honor of his birth!
Still Glad
By Melinda Harvey

You came after me
But you have caused more trouble
Still glad that you're here.

     I have learned a lot about haiku by watching Laura Salas work through her NaPoMo challenge.  She is writing a haiku each day this month.  The thing with haiku or senryu is that it seems so easy; we have to really challenge ourselves to say a lot using only a little!  (That might be true in life also!)
     If you have a little brother, a big sister, a mother, father, friend or teacher, consider honoring them with a senryu today!


  1. Love your Senryu for your brother! I have loved Haiku since the late 60s but didn't really know the difference with Senryu. Thanks for teaching me! I like your title a lot. Be sure to check out Amy LV's notebooks blog post today. Love the poem by Laura S. on there and the way she shows her notebook evolution from an idea to jottings to first draft, more and final poem. I loved it and bet you will too. (Something to show the kids!!)
    And Happy B-day to your bother!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Let me try again...

      Science is your thing.
      I prefer the history.
      Our kids get them both.

      heeheehee... not very honorable, but just sayin'!

  3. You inspire us all
    By writing a poem a day
    Keep up the hard work

  4. David

    This is my cute son
    He has brown eyes and brown hair
    and he's good at school

    This was written by David and Melissa.

    He saw me write mine and wanted to try it.

    1. David, I love that you got in the spirit of senryu! Thank you for sharing your clever, very true words!