Friday, April 20, 2012

A late night tritina

Driving Late Night
By Melinda Harvey

Instead of flying, does the black bat wish he could be driving?
Would he like to be up early, instead of waking up so Late?
Has he snuck out during the day, only to be caught when his batty mom called , "Good night!"

Instead of rising each morn, does the sun dream of rising at night?
Would she keep careful watch of all the blurry-eyed truckers driving?
Has she hoped to not start the day early, but end the day late?

Instead of being punctual, what if the bird was late?
Would he skip looking for worms by day and look for them at night?
Has he pondered purchasing an umbrella to avoid rain that is driving?

Are the bats driving the sun crazy, looking like birds late at night?

Today's form is a tritina. This represents yet another recently created poetry form that is brand new to me! It also depicts how you can start with one seed idea and end up someplace completely different!
A tritina is a 10 line poem, composed of three tercets and one ending line. The added trick is to choose three words that consistently finish each line in the stanzas. These words rotate in each line. Look back at my you see late, night and driving at the end of the lines in the first stanza? Now find them in the second and third stanzas...they have been shifted around. Finally, you see those same words in their original order in the last line.
I am grateful to Skylar Spring for the description of tritina at I am also grateful to the clever Teaching Authors who are holding a raffle at their site. Take a look at to get yourself entered!


  1. I have never heard of a Tritina so will visit Skylar Spring to find out more. And thanks for the link to Teaching Authors. On the surface it appears like this is a challenging form. I love the last line! Are you enjoying the Progressive Lit Poem as much as I am?

  2. I've been away, Melinda so I'm late in checking in to thank you for the link to our TeachingAuthors blog. Good luck in the contest!