Monday, April 23, 2012

Learning about Lento

     I don't know why I am still surprised.  It happens more often than not now; I am browsing through my google search looking for a different, new-to-me poetry form and it happens.  I find yet another poetry form that yet again, someone just made up.  I think at the beginning of this challenge, I believed that all of the poetry forms were created centuries ago by the great and powerful poets.  Now I realize that we all have the power to create a form, give it a name and work to make it popular!
     Today's surprise form is called the lento.  That's right it rhymes with cento, but I don't see the similarities.  Lento was created by a man named Lencio.  You can read his post about his creation here.  I really appreciate the lento he wrote that describes how to write a lento.  Take a look:

A Lento
written by Lencio Rodrigues

                     Composed in winter of Two Thousand Five,
                     Proposed by my dreams, this entire theme,
                     Exposed now for all to write and have fun,
                   Supposed to be easy though it doesn't seem.

                    Two verses of four lines each you will write,
                    Do rhyme the beginning word in every line,
                     Pursue to keep last rhymes in line 2 and 4,
                    Chew your brain a little, you'll do just fine!

     Here is my educational attempt:

Fading Away to Nothing
By Melinda Harvey

Weathering is the slow "wearing away"
Feathering of rock and land
Sweltering heat and harsh blowing winds
Sheltering our earth as rock turns to sand

Implosions are ways it sometimes begins
Corrosion can oft add to it
Explosions of nature do their fair share
Erosion is the washing away of grit.

     I am not exactly in love with it, but I have created a lento just the same.  Perhaps you'll try one now?


  1. Wow...a lento! I am learning some new forms here - thank you, Melinda! And I completely hear you about realizing that people - today - are making up forms. Love weathering/feathering. As for reversos...they are so crazy, aren't they? I tried one once, but it didn't read backward the right way. Maybe someday again... a.

  2. I really love the whole idea of a Lento. How cool you found another new form! I love your first stanza's beginning words. Plus I really like the entire first stanza a lot and your second is good,too. My only thought is to maybe work for a different last line. I only mention this since you said it was not your "love". I do believe it works nicely though and teaches both about science and the Lento!
    Have you heard of goodbye poems that Kali Dakos talks about? Now I don't think it is a specific form with a pattern so may not be something you want to work on, but I was at a workshop she did with kids when she visited a school and she talked about the importance of saying goodbye in a tangible way ie a poem. One of my 3rd graders tried it and he actually ended up standing with his uncle who read it at the funeral of my student's great grandma. It was a loving attempt by an 8 year old and touched his family. So that's my two cents for the Lento and another possible poem. Maybe you could write to say goodbye to snow for the spring!! If it worked you would surely get many new fans!!!!