Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wondering, "How to?"

     I enjoy a good "how to" poem.  You have probably seen them before...a list of steps that explain the very mundane with a new clever perspective.  They seem so simple, but I bet they're not.  Even as I sit here and ponder a topic for today's poem, a how-to topic is not coming to me.
     A few minutes with my (almost full!) writer's notebook has left with me with a list of possible ideas.  Because I am looking forward to dessert tonight, I will go with "How to eat a cookie!"

Dunk it
By Melinda Harvey

Pick up two cookies
Pass one to a friend
Nibble just a little
from the bottom end

Hold the tender cookie
as if it were brown silk
Dunk your tasty morsel
into a glass of milk

Count the time in seconds
smile at your buddy
Pull your cookie out
'fore the milk gets all muddy

Put the cookie in your mouth
feel the cream and chocolate blend
Then pick up two more cookies
and pass one to a friend

     Look around you, right now.  Make a quick list of the things you do on a daily basis.  Now, turn one of those tasks into a "how to" poem!  Share it with me in the comments when you're done!

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  1. Here in Chicago thanking you for a wonderful poem! I really owe you a big thanks for sending me to check out the Poem Farm. I think Amy is amazing and I am seeing that she is going to have some competition from Mrs. Harvey. Love your poem. Makes me want to go get milk and cookies. Brown silk. Loved it. I get to meet Allan Wolfe Mon. night. I am excited.
    Janet F.